LA Path 1

Please redownload the LA Path 1 Cert file as we did a reinstall of the server due to a routing issue where connection was being dropped. The issue is now fixed but requires you to re download that cert file just for that server. No other servers were effected. Thank you for your patience! 



29th Mar 2021
New York 1 (biggest server)

We had to reinstall our NY Path 1 server due to an increase in resources server side. Please head over to your client area and redownload the OpenVPN Cert file and import it to your preferred VPN Client. Sorry for the inconvenience! This is why we have 17 servers for when an issue arises you guys have multiple options to use!      -Beard ... Read More »

27th Mar 2021
Moscow, Russia Path Server

We have added a new Moscow server for our clients to use, please test and let us know what you guys think! Thanks in advance and we hope everyone is enjoying the speeds and protections of our servers! 



25th Mar 2021
New Los Angeles NFO

We have added a new LA NFO Server for everyone to use. Please test and let us know how it goes! 




24th Mar 2021
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